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Florian & Marine, honeymoon photography in Crete.

When I received a question from a French couple in a well-known hotel for a honeymoon photoshoot, my first question was how much time I have. Because I don't like going to a job unprepared and without knowing who my "models" will be, I prefer to go ahead an initial meeting to get to know each other and to come up with a plan together. After that, everything went smoothly, the couple relaxed and we all enjoyed it. The photo shoot took place at the Knossos Beach hotel where the couple had arranged to have a romantic dinner at the end of the photo shoot. The epilogue was, they informed me after days of returning to their country, that they found out that they were expecting their first child. How much I love my job.




09 Aug. 2020



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To be a part of life of a young couple and part of their beautiful memories it's a privilege!

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