Daron & Emma, Wedding


Groom Daron, in addition to being a fireman who knows how to put out fires, also knows how to start them. In the specific case of Emma, after he convinced her to gather their relatives and friends and travel from England to Crete to get married. A wonderful wedding full of love, joy, fun, emotions. Aren't all marriages like that?

I consider myself lucky as well as privileged to be able to experience a wedding from the inside and in the foreground as a photographer. In a wedding full of joy and emotions from all participants. Daron and Emma, thank you for sharing a moment of your happiness with me. The wedding was planned and organized from Love Heart Weddings planning service in "Ktima Paspati" in Hersonissos. Beautiful location with a lot of space especially for this kind of events.


Love Heart Weddings


28 Sept. 2023



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