Candid Proposals

“You shouldn’t trust this big moment to just anyone. You need someone with the experience that you can trust in this big moment “

Teo photographer


The idea behind secret proposal photography is to photograph something special that’s often not photographed. Just about everyone has a wedding photographer these days and some even have engagement shoots. But what about capturing the moment they say “yes”, as well as the moment they say “I do”?

Just like weddings, every proposal story is different – and I love that! It’s a story that is only yours. It’s a personal moment that (hopefully) will only happen once in your life…

A proposal is a challenging moment to capture properly. As the photographer, I must remain inconspicuous as to not give away the surprise by being obvious. Then the proposal happens quickly and I need to be ready to capture the exact moment as it happens. That’s the only way to get the great reactions!

Proposal scene, custom-made by Love heart weddings, in White Palace hotel in Rethymno

I’m used to going unnoticed and capturing genuine emotions in the moment. In fact, my whole approach to wedding photography is about blending into the action without controlling it or getting in the way.

So, if you’re considering asking your partner to marry you, then send me a message, I’d love to secretly photograph your proposal!